State of the Semantic Web activity at W3C



In this third talk at SemWebPro in as many years, Phil Archer will describe the state of current activities at W3C related to the Semantic Web, such as Permissions and Obligations Expression, SHACL, Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices, SoLID and more, and look ahead to possible future standardisation work. For example, a current hot topic is how W3C can be better at supporting the development and management of vocabularies. What can we learn from the success of

Phil Archer

Phil Archer is the Data Strategist at W3C, the industry standards body for the World Wide Web, coordinating W3C's work in the Semantic Web and related technologies. He is most closely involved in the Data on the Web Best Practices, Permissions and Obligations Expression and Spatial Data on the Web Working Groups. His key themes are interoperability through common terminology and URI persistence.

As well as work at the W3C, his career has encompassed broadcasting, teaching, linked data publishing, copy writing, and, perhaps incongruously, countryside conservation. The common thread throughout has been a knack for communication, particularly communicating complex technical ideas to a more general audience.

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