A next generation Systems Engineering tool built entirely on the basis of semantic Web technology.



The subject of the presentation is a method that on one hand enables exchange of Systems Engineering information between involved parties in projects and on the other hand can be used for building configuration management tools, supporting Systems Engineering processes.

This method is based on the usage of an ontology, described by an information models covering the information needs of the ISO 15288 system life cycle processes. These models are the base of a Dutch standard for the exchange of Systems Engineering data and is based on ISO 15926, a well-known life cycle data integration standard from the process industry. This presentation also shows implementation aspects of an ontology based on RDF(S) (Resource Description Framework) as defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.

The presentation contains a life demonstration of a Systems Engineering tool based on RDF(S) and the presented Systems Engineering ontology. This tool is fully operational in a complex infrastructure project in de Netherlands and supports the requirement management and verification process and the design process of hardware and control software based on a system breakdown structure.

Attached two of my earlier papers and a presentation with some details of the System Engineering tool developed upon RDF(S) and the Systems Engineering ontology


Leo C. van Ruijven Employee of Croonwolterendros b.v., a Dutch EPC contractor in the area of electrical and mechanical installations, Leo has been active in engineering design, construction and contracting for over 25 years. His work has included delivery of systems as varied as water barriers, water transport systems, ships and tunnels. In the context of these kinds of projects, he has developed engineering methods and supporting systems improving effectiveness, efficiency, integrality and quality. The last 15 years he has been involved in the national and international standardization processes for Systems Engineering, Building Information Modeling and data integration. Leo is editor of ISO 15926-11“simplified usage of industrial reference data”. The work presented in this paper is part of his PhD-work carried out at Delft University of Technology which will be finished this year.