Feedbacks on Using Semantic web technologies at Framatome (ex. AREVA NP)



Since 2010, Framatome (ex. AREVA NP) is involved in different projects where semantic web technologies were is used.

These projects are related to data modeling, Interoperability between applications, Data Exchanges and Classifications.

As a result of these projects, AIRE (AREVA Interoperability Realtime Environment) and ODIN (Ontology Driven INformation Stystem) have been developed.

The goal of this presentation will be is (1) to introduce these projects/tools (2) to describe how semantic web technologies is used in these projects/tools and (3) to give some feedbacks.


Hondjack DEHAINSALA, Phd at Poitiers University and have the following skills: knowledge Management (Classification, thesaurus and taxonomy) ; Interoperability and data exchanges ; Standards ISO15926, ISO13584 ; Deployment engineering 1D et 2D tools.