Semantic modeling approach of the Pallas Nuclear project



I Think the semantic modeling approach of the Pallas Nuclear project in the Netherlands would be interesting to share in this community, we now really make progress in this to capture the results of the various design and engineering disciplines ( exports of the various design tools) into a Common Data Environment (CDE) were integration takes place based on a taxonomy of 15926 entities and semantic relations and a RDL ( a mix of ISO 15926-4, Posc Caesar RDL and the IFC4 taxonomy), all based on ISO 15926-11.

Handover to the client takes place by means of a turtle file containing all the rdf-graphs (in rdf:statements), when applicable referring to documents and IFC 3D model objects. Client imports this turtle file directly into their graph database to integrate the data with their PLM system (Dassault 3D experience).

However, at this moment I don’t see a possibility to write a paper on this, due to the pressure of deadlines we agreed with the client. I could give a presentation and possible a demonstration of the semantic tooling we are using for the CDE to show the model, RDL, results and output/handover to the client.

Attached a powerpoint with the main topics and characteristics of this real case.


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